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Hello! This is my personal journal. As of 09/29/09, all fandom entries posted from this point on will be public, whereas only my personal ones are private. If you're still interested, drop me a comment and I'll probably add you :).

As of 02/06/08 I'm hosting all my fics/fanwork on the community ficcy_fic.

I'm on tumblr and twitter under the same handle, if anyone's interested - drop me a line here or there and I'll probably add you back.


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Trek? Trek? Who else has watched it? Feelings? Thoughts? Prompts for h/c drabbles?


Jan. 1st, 2013

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Happy New Year, everyone ♥

Oct. 30th, 2012

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Good vibes/wishes to everyone in Sandy's way. Lighting a candle for you all.


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Looking to get a netbook soon-ish to supplement my use of Rodney (which cost a grand total of $568 and is not in the best of health). Anyone have any recs?


It's that time of the year again...

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So, who else is doing nano?

Having realized that I'm not awful at finishing short stories once I start them, and wanting the morale boost of actually winning this year, I'm trying to pick one of two sets of short stories that I've had planned for a while. One is less a set and more just several shorts/not-quite-novellas that revolve around the theme of 'apocalypse', the other is a set of interconnected shorts about people in this pseudo-30s/40s world who are noncombatants during a massive civil war. Either way, it should be fun, and I'm really excited for this year :D.

Sep. 26th, 2012

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For future reference: if you're sleeping in the living room, with the creepy creaky noises from the kitchen and the doors with the windows with the strange shadows cast by trees and passing cars that makes it look like someone's standing outside and waving their hands, and you want to put something on until you fall asleep, Criminal Minds is probably not your best bet.

*head. desk*


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So, any one else watch Revolution? Admittedly, it wasn't the best* pilot I've ever seen, but it's like a dozen of my favorite tropes rolled into one (plus, I've been looking for a new fandom), so I'm hoping this one doesn't get canceled after one season. Also, all of you should watch it and write fic for it.

*I mean, imagine - out of all the people that survived, a large percentage must have been expert crossbow manufactures, leatherworkers (dig those militia outfits), and sword makers. And Miles must have been one hell of a marine, trained in the classic USMC art of 12th-century weapons (one wonders if he also knows how to joust). Plus, the militia has got to have the stupid-assest way of marking their members - great job hiding your undercover agents! And-

oh, well. Scifi on NBC. Still, I hope this one sticks around a while.

And now, a haiku

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Oh, stomach flu sucks.
Lose hours at work for nausea?
Bad weekend omen.


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